Welcome to the McMaster Pathophysiology Review! This is a place where you can find explanations of the mechanisms of various diseases. Through our preclerkship years, we’ve found that resources that answer the “why” questions in medicine are hard to come by. As a learner, it was frustrating to read through pages of text, only to find that you still don’t understand the topic at the end. Our notes in MPR are written specifically for the medical learner. You will find chapters to be well organized, logical, and concise. We tried to incorporate many figures to illustrate important concepts and a variety of tables to provide structure and comparison between topics. Furthermore, references to recommended papers are listed under each subtopic for the curious learner (that’s you). We hope that these chapters will guide your reading so that you can ultimately understand the material in a more thorough and more enjoyable way.

To provide improved accuracy, we are in the process of getting faculty members at McMaster University to review this work in detail. We are also trying to expand our treatment sections to include evidence-based guidelines and clinical trials for learners who are transitioning to clerkship. However, please note that MPR is for learning purposes, and you must consult your staff or other point-of-care resources prior to applying management-related information to patient care. 

Finally, please give us feedback on our work to help us improve. Also, if you are interested in contributing to MPR, please let us know! We hope to further expand this resource for medical learners around the world.

Happy reading!

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Sultan Chaudhry and Eric Wong
McMaster Pathophysiology Review